DIY Bubble Watercolor Paper

Bubble watercolor paper is a really simple DIY that frequently comes in handy when you are in a pinch or when you want to make something prettier with little artistic talent and time. Need a greeting card on the fly? Don’t have extra wrapping paper around the house to wrap a gift? Bubble watercolor paper is to the rescue for me every time. Simply keep some bubble mix on hand with one or more wands.

Start by mixing some watercolors with the bubble mix in separate containers (food coloring also works very well). Then, simply blow the bubbles on to some harder stock paper. For watercolor painting projects generally, I think Strathmore’s watercolor paper is particularly good. If you get a few larger drops on the paper, you can just blot quickly with a tissue, and it only adds to the design.

You definitely don’t need to be an artist to create this dreamy, pretty paper, and it is an excellent DIY that has innumerable applications. For example, last night I wanted to make a quick thank you card for a friend that I was seeing bright and early in the morning. With some bubble watercoloring and stamps, I had a card in hand in fifteen minutes. I also love making monthly calendars with this technique and displaying them on my desk. What kinds of projects would you do using this technique? 

(All photos & gifs by Explore*Handmade)

(via coffeeandfaith)